Design is our passion.

We have been successfully realising this passion since 1998. First, scattered throughout various agencies, we were gaining professional experience to meet together in 2004 and create a team of the chosen few professional designers.
We do not call ourselves „Advertising agency”, as we are not one. We do not have large organizational structures nor do we deal in advertising campaigns.

We are a graphics studio and we deal in creating modern design.
We design company logos and draw up corporate identity manuals
We build the image of our clients by developing systems of visual identification
We assist in communication with the market by designing leaflets, brochures, product catalogues and price lists

But our true passion is to design packaging.
The process of creating a brand is our favourite in which we specialise.
We have already designed a lot of foil, carton and display type packaging – mainly for food industry – and we may proudly say you that they have been largely present on the market for many years.
For us, this is a proof that you can also create a timeless design that will stand its ground on the frenzied trend market.
We are also acquainted with design novelties – we follow the trends of global markets, visit international fairs and we use the gained experience in our work.

The packaging of our design is present on the shelves of stores in western Europe, as well as in Russia and overseas.
We are proud of it and it motivates us to continuous improvement of our skills.
We are looking forward to doing business with you!
We still have a lot of ideas and zest!

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